Air Freight

Ship your urgent goods using the plane for a quick delivery

What is Air freight?

Air freight is a quick way to deliver your goods from China to your location. Using the Cargo airplane (a special airplane to transfer goods by air from one country to another).

How could you find my goods in a plane?

Using your shipping mark provided by us will help us to recognize your goods. and please no need to worry about our full customer care will take care of small details until delivery. 

What is the delivery time?

Usually, within 1 week of flying your goods need to be delivered. kindly note that the delivery time counting start after your package arrives at the warehouse let’s take an example if you order and pay on Sunday 10 September and you informed such from your supplier or your sourcing agent that the package needs around 5 days to be delivery you will lose the fly on Friday 15 September and your package will take the fly of Friday 22 September and need 1 week to be delivered to Beirut airport and 2-3 days customs and this is for normal goods, meanwhile all goods including battery will land also on Friday from Hongkong but it will need 10-15 days to arrive.

Any freight policy available?

Yes, some goods may not be able to be delivered through air freight such as items including liquid – -powder – and chemical batteries and regardless of build-or not only Hongkong Road is available Kindly note that the weight and the volume be equal (the weight should be always higher) in other case we will talk about rechargeable weight, kindly ask your agent for more details. 

Does Air freight safe?

Usually yes, this way of shipping is safe from all angles, and for sure insurance on general shipment are provided the accident cases are very rare so no need to be afraid .and kindly note that always an airplane is safer than a car. 

Freight tracking is available?

In general, no tracking is not available from the point of day by day, but an approximate date could be provided. Meanwhile estimating air freight delivery is easier.

How many days customs needs?

Usually, 2-3 days after arrival you could get your goods. some special cases could need more time and please get back to your agent for any information related to your shipment. 

What is weight and CBM calculation in this shipment case?

usually, by plane the freight calculations are made by calculating the weight x the weight cost for getting your total, some special cases are available, and the main case is when the volume (the CBM) and the weight don’t match in this case the shipping calculation will be made in another way. For this reason, always ask your supplier to provide you with all information to escape surprise upon delivery. As much as your weight is higher as much you can get a special discounted rate.

Can a supplier provide us a wrong weight calculation?

In general, this doesn’t happen when all suppliers provide a picture of the weight before shipment. but always u could follow up by checking the unit weight and making your calculations in case u feel that the weight is high or low to your expectations. 

Does the air freight price rate change?

Yes, the rate may change depending on the type of the goods, the volume, and many other details. In plus of general economy world change and fuel exchange, kindly check the rate before your shipment.

Do customs include the shipping cost?

Yes, with door-to-door service the customs rate includes your shipping cost. In case of any extra addition to your general cost, you will be informed before delivery with a clear reason.

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