Business Consultation

Let’s upgrade and talk about your business together from scratch

Yes, we are a professional, especially with startup businesses and we do provide a full plan according to your budget and business idea. We do upgrade your idea to match the market and help u in studying the cost and the sales.

A full idea plan or an upgrade could be provided to your small and big business

To most important is believing in your business and our service so cooperation can work smoothly

We will present you:

  • A full project study.
  • A full sourcing for the suggested items.
  • A suggested cooperation with a professional team such as an advocate, accounting specialist, banking specialist, software specialist …) and many others to turn your business from basic to professional.

This service cost depends on the project itself and will provide upon your business request.

Kindly feel free to contact us on +96170609529 for any extra info related

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