Request any item from china

How it’s work?

China direct sourcing is based on finding your requested items according to your needs and expectation such as quality, and budget after getting a picture and understanding your needs our team between Lebanon and China work on your item to offer you the best from quality to price.

Request timing?

Usually, the normal request takes up to 48 hours due to the time difference between China and Lebanon. some requests may take a longer time due to extra work in sourcing.

Does big quantity is always a must?

This service could be done for 1 item till container, requesting a quantity in general is not a must, badly some manufactures and supplier could a fix a minimum quantity for an item and usually this item are production items Some items need a minimum quantity to close a ctn (a shipping box) for safety shipping needs and safe delivery.

Could u help us buying from china online sourcing?

Alibaba, Ali express, made in China are an online source working in different rules between customers and manufacture to increase sales and make income higher for both. meanwhile using them as reference is much better. Kindly contact us for more details related.

How much does cost?

Usually, the sourcing step is free to anyone, but in some special cases this service will not be free for example a high number of items +50 items one time, or a very hard request or delicate items, and more other cases, but kindly note when this service is paid, we will inform u before starting.

What does this service include?

This service includes quality control attached with picture and live video when available, studding the best quality and giving the customer a choice that will be defiantly related to pricing.

What is OEM service?

OEM service is putting your brand on any item of your choice based on the manufacturing rules and minimum quantity.

Does big quantity is always a must?

Big quantity is not the main rule for sourcing but it’s a main reason for price drops meanwhile one item could be your minimum. 

Could we request samples?

Yes, you could request samples before ordering a big quantity meanwhile samples could cost more than the normal cost.

Could we buy brands?

Copy A in many degrees available in China upon request but the cost of the item is usually high.

Could we send a sample to china?

Requesting a sample to China could be sent with a high-cost delivery from Lebanon to China. Please note that Chinese copy past very small details when u ask for the same items so kindly send a very clean item when u request a similar item. 

Could u help us with hot season?

Yes of course we do provide a calendar for customers to help them ordering for hot season on time. Kindly contact us and request a free calendar

Do you send of proof of packing before loading?

For sure the packing video or picture with your shipping mark on it will be sent once ready. 

Does warranty real in china?

Warranty rules in China is available and change from a supplier to another kindly before ordering ask for the warranty rules.

How quality change varies in china?

Qualities are a lot in China and mainly quality varies from low to heavy duty, from the Chinese market to European Middle or African items Usually Chinese sales try to lead u to the quality according to your country but with sourcing could get the best quality with the best price.

How payment work?

Payment in Lebanon could be done in person in our office, through a wish, OMT account or bank account while Payment for China could be done through our office in China or upon a bank transfer.

Does goods are prepaid?

Yes, goods are prepaid due to the Chinese rules for delivery items and with full payment upon order, meanwhile, your shipment should be paid upon delivery. 

Kindly feel free to contact us on +96170609529 for any extra info related

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