China Express Delivery

Safe delivery for your goods from the industry to our ocean & freight warehouse

What is china express delivery?

It’s the delivery from the supplier to our warehouse located in China to ship to Lebanon. 

Does express delivery free?

Usually, express delivery in China isn’t for free and depends on the volume and weight of your goods. 

How does Chinese suppliers ship?

China has many advanced ways of shipping such as local mail delivery, local freight, and train and river delivery. 

How many days the goods need to be delivery to the warehouse?

Due to the long distance in China from 24 hours to 4 days, the delivery needs to arrive at the Wearhouse destination.

The packing is free?

In China market, the cost of express delivery includes the packing cost (the carton. aluminum, wooden, and any other material), bubble wrap, or special material depending on your goods type and all the details needed for safe shipping.

How could we know that our goods arrive?

In general, a track number is provided by the main supplier for this delivery step showing the delivery tracking, plus the supplier updates the agent, especially with long cooperation.

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