China on Site Service

Special china visit for your delicate & big order and full container loading

When requesting a china visit is important?

China site service is important when buying a mixed container or requesting very sensitive items Can China visit service affect item price? Yes, it can affect prices reduce due that during the visit the closing deal is faster.

Who make this visit?

This visit is made by the owner itself from A to Z. and will be fully focused on your items and will be done when your shipment moves to the warehouse, this service is special for containers and dedicated items.

Difference of time and the visit?

yes China, and Lebanon have a big difference in time but don’t worry our high time management will even not make u feel this difference so don’t worry meanwhile u rest your order is under control.

Does the visit and goods are prepaid?

Yes, the visit on-site service is prepaid meanwhile the goods could be transferred using the bank in case the customer prefers or needs to add Could we get in-hand samples with this visit? Yes, requesting samples and catalog and checking with live streaming is available.

When should we book?

at least 1 month before taking this service decision, followed by many meetings for a to-do list and clear order pre-request. 

Kindly feel free to contact us on +96170609529 for any extra info related

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