Ocean Freight

Container loading for big volumes & sensitive shipping from china to the world

What is ocean freight?

Ocean freight is the delivery of your goods using a container for safety and delivery using ocean cargo.

How could you find my goods in a container?

Using your shipping mark provided by us will help us to recognize your goods.

What is the delivery time?

Usually, 35-40 days for your goods to arrive in a normal ocean case. kindly always note that the ocean distance will never change between China and your country the delivery time may change depending on the container loading and the port. 

How many container types they are?

Around 7 types of containers are available, and all types of goods have a special container to load on. kindly make sure to have a specific container when you ship special items, especially automotive and food. ask your shipping expert agent before taking any step. 

Does ocean freight safe?

Usually yes, this way of shipping is safe from all angles, and for sure insurance on containers are provided the accident cases are very rare so no need to be afraid. simply try to enjoy your waiting period. 

Ocean tracking is available?

In general, no tracking is not available from the point of day by day, but an approximate date could be provided. Keep updated with the delivery team for better information.

How many days customs needs?

Usually, 3-4 days after arrival you could get your goods. kindly note that some goods need some special procedure and may take longer time than usual. 

what is CBM? How to calculate ?

the CBM is the volume to be calculated to check your shipping cost it is based on (HEIGHT X WIDTH X LENGTH) the unit is a meter, and the result is in m3 the resulting multiplex the CBM cost. kindly take this example as a small simple if your goods have this dimension 0.50 m (=50 cm) x 0.60m (=60 cm) x0.30 m (= 30 cm) your CBM will be 0.09 m3, no need to feel afraid from the number we will make things easier and quick for your calculation 

Can a supplier provide us a wrong CBM calculation?

Yes, Chinese suppliers could make this mistake This is why we do request the dimensions in cm or meter, and we recalculate, always asking for weight as well even with CBM calculation. 

What is “groupage” shipping?

This way helps u to take part of the container and be responsible for part of the total fees depending on your goods volume. this way is very helpful for part shipment and personal as well.  

Does the container price rate change?

Yes, the container price rate may change depending on the type of the goods, the volume, and many other details. In plus of general economy world change. Kindly check the cost of your goods before the shipping decision and please note that sometimes the rate could change upon delivery. 

Do customs include the shipping cost?

Yes, with door-to-door service the customs rate includes your shipping cost. Please note that you should be honest with your invoice, cost and your goods types especially when the source is done from your side to avoid extra charge on delivery. 

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